Our strategic planning consulting services
Development, Execution & Training

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Strategy Development

Strategy development is both an exercise in creativity and a detailed analysis of various aspects of your industry! Put in place an effective strategic planning process with StratPerspective!

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Strategy Execution

The execution of your strategic plan depends on tight project management, an approach to overcome resistance to change and a system for measuring results. We support you and your team as you execute your strategy.

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Management Training

Prepare your team to develop a winning strategy with management training in strategic planning! At StratPersepctive we offer several training courses to help in your strategy development and execution.

Strategic Planning: Myth & Reality

M: Because the future is uncertain, strategic planning is pointless.

R: The more uncertain your environment, the more valuable the strategy exercise

M: Strategy is the exclusive domain of the organisation’s leaders and senior staff.

R: Strategy is a creative exercise and requires a diversity of views to be successful. Be inclusive!

M: Clients’ opinions and feedback are a key driver of strategic planning.

R: Client feedback will lead you to focus on current activities not on future opportunities.

M: Improved productivity and efficiency is the goal of strategic planning.

R: Strategy is about defining a view of the future & building a business model to succeed in that future.

M: In-depth analysis on the current industry and competition makes for the best plan.

R: For a winning strategy put more effort in generating new ideas than analyzing the current industry.

Strategic Planning in 4 words



To plan is to choose! A good strategic plan focuses on 3-4 priorities.



An effective strategy should deliver a competitive advantage.



Your planning meetings should generate several new ideas.



The strategic plan should result in a well-executed action plan.

What our Clients Are Saying

Sandra est une consultante qui prend à cœur les préoccupations de ses clients et dont la qualité du travail est excellente. Elle a vite compris nos enjeux et a stimulé notre réflexion sur de nouvelles idées avec des recherches d’appoint et en nous mettant au défi de façon respectueuse. Ses connaissances dans le domaine des TI et son expérience de gestionnaire sont aussi des atouts. Ce qui démarque le travail de Sandra c’est qu’elle nous fait sortir des sentiers battus tout en nous amenant vers un plan d’action concret. Elle a animé de façon habile des séances à l’interne ainsi qu’auprès de notre conseil d’administration. Elle a assuré la contribution de chacun et a animé des débats constructifs, mais toujours en nous amenant vers une prise de décision. Notre organisation a grandement bénéficié des conseils de Sandra et je la recommande sans hésitation. July 11, 2014

Nicole Martel

CEO of Quebec Technology Association
I initially approached Sandra to help me build a solid business plan for my new venture. In the days and months that followed, Sandra led me to see farther than I could see at the time. Her creative inituition, coupled with her business acumen provided the impetus I needed to go beyond the initial request and to think more strategically in relation to my vision. Sandra was not afraid to challenge my thinking. Among the many qualities Sandra has, I most appreciated her honesty, fierce attention, her incredible capacity to grasp the business context I operate in, and her determination to make sure I succeed. I recommend Sandra wholeheartedly!less

Mirella De Civita, Ph.D., PCC

President of Papillon MDC Inc.
Sandra is an exceptional consultant. She has taken to heart this mandate as if it was her own business. She researched our business thoroughly and made us achieve a level of thinking that we never thought possible. This allowed us to open up unforeseen opportunities. Furthermore, moving along this path provided great business results for our organization and an increase in market share.

Marie Anna Bacchi

Sandra provided structure, discipline and a fresh view on a too often difficult process: building a long term strategy and actionable business plan for our business. She made it feel simple, realistic, uncomplicated and yet challenging …… and that’s exactly why you should hire her.

Michael Tibahine

I hired Sandra Coffey as a consultant in strategic planning. I needed someone who could guide us through a process while stimulating our reflection on new ideas. That's exactly what we got. Sandra immediately got who were are and the kind of guidance we needed. She put in place a clear process that allowed space for interactions. What thrilled me most about working with her was how she managed to make our world a bit bigger, by doing supplementary research on related fields, bringing in those ideas and bringing in business models that made sense to us in our NGO world. This led to strategies we'd not yet thought of. She brought us onto a road of change leaving us all feeling optimistic and enthused. Two and a half years later, we are following and using the same plan, and still reminding one another of "that thing Sandra said". I don't hesitate to recommend her.

Richard Veenstra

Executive Director of SUCO - Solidarité Union Coopération
Sandra nous a grandement impressionnés par la qualité de son travail dans les mandats que nous lui avons confiés. Sandra a notamment été d’un grand support dans la préparation du plan stratégique d’une de nos compagnies en portefeuille. Elle a rapidement cerné notre contexte d’entreprise, compris les grands enjeux de notre industrie et n’a pas hésité à partager ses perspectives et à nous défier de façon constructive sur certains enjeux clefs. Sandra est parvenue à amener les intervenants à présenter leurs opinions et à argumenter dans le respect. Tout au cours du processus, Sandra a démontré une capacité à aller chercher le meilleur de chacun des membres de notre équipe.

Felix-Etienne Lebel

Principal of Birch Hill Equity Partners