Planning is 20% of the effort and execution is 80%!

There are three key elements in executing your strategic plan:

3D Gantt Chart Progress


Project Management

The company’s CEO is ultimately responsible for the development and implementation of the strategic plan . Often the monitoring of strategic initiatives is shared with other members of the management committee to ensure:

  • Progress towards targets;
  • Identifying challenges and problem solving ;
  • Scheduling regular meetings to review;
  • To link with employee performance evaluation;
  • Tying the strategic plan to the budget;


Resistance to Change

The failure of important strategic initiatives because of resistance to change is a reality. Many companies do not plan accordingly and fail to establish a clear sense of urgency for change.

At StratPerspective we help you implement a proactive strategy to reduce the risk of execution failure associated with resistance to change. Methods such as education, participation, facilitation and negotiation can all be used to reduce resistance.

domino effect and problem solving
Pie chart of the different piece of pie


Measuring Results

Most managers know that they get what they measure! The success of your strategic plan, depends on regular progress reviews. Here is the ABC:

  • Set and communicate clear and measurable objectives.
  • Connect the achievement of business goals to individual performance evaluation.
  • Establish quarterly meetings for progress reports on strategic initiatives.