Our strategic planning consulting services
Development, execution & training

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Strategy Development

Strategy development is both an exercise in creativity and a detailed analysis of various aspects of your industry! Put in place an effective strategic planning process with StratPerspective!
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Strategy Execution

The execution of your strategic plan depends on tight project management, an approach to overcome resistance to change and a system for measuring results. We support you and your team as you execute your strategy. Read More…

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Management Training

Prepare your team to develop a winning strategy with management training in strategic planning! At StratPersepctive we offer several traiing courses to help in your strategy development and execution.
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Our strategic planning services at a glance

Strategic Planning Process

Custom Process

Develop and implement a customized planning process that fits your needs.

Developing Strategy

Analysis & Insight

You gain substantial insight as you develop your strategy with our methods, advice and collaborative process.

Executing Strategic Plans

Change Management

The effective implementation of the plan depends on project management, performance measures monitoring and managing change.

Strategy Advice

Experienced Consultants

You benefit from the combination of our expertise in strategic planning and our management experience.

New Ideas

Creativity Workshops

Help your team think ‘outside the box ‘ and generate new strategies with our creative workshops.

Mission Vision & Values

Align your efforts

Inspire, motivate and align decision making with a workshop to clarify your mission, vision and values.

Business Model

Competitive Advantage

Enhance your competitive positioning with a workshop to review your business model in-depth.

Management Training

Interactive Training

We offer interactive workshops where you apply what you learn to a concrete example for maximum learning & retention.

The key benefits of our strategic planning services

In-depth Strategic Thinking
You will look at your business from every angle.
Knowledge Transfer
We develop your strategic skills during each mandate.
Concrete Action Plan
The strategic plan becomes an action plan with deliverables and timelines.
New Ideas
We stimulate creativity to identify new and effective strategies.
Our participative and inclusive approach helps build team cohesiveness.

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Innovation & Experience
Your Strategy Partner

Sandra Coffey, LL.B., MBA

President, StratPerspective

  • Analysis & insight 
  • Strategist
  • Focused on results
  • 30 years of experience
  • Seasoned senior manager
  • Open to new ideas 
  • Creativity 
  • Trainer 
  • Coach