Key elements of our strategic planning process


Research & Scanning

Predicting the next big thing and its implications for your business is not as hard as you think.
Keeping up to date on trends in your industry and in all areas of business is critical to the success of your strategic plan.
The companies with best practices maintain a constant watch on trends and discuss their implications regularly at management meetings.


Analysis and Creativity

This is the most difficult step in the planning process : letting go of the present and imagining the future as well as new approaches.
Broadening the discussion is necessary to pursue new paths. Closing the discussion too early cuts us off from new and promising ideas.
StratPerspective uses specific techniques such as analogies, questioning and experimentation during strategy discussions to boost your team’s creativity.


Strategic Issues & Initiatives

After the research, analysis and brainstorming is completed you must make choices and prioritize the issues you will address.
The more you concentrate your efforts and resources on a reduced list of initiatives, the more you will be successful.
StratPerspective helps you make the right choices.


Detailed Action Plan

The development of the detailed plan is a project management exercise that requires a rigorous approach. StratPerspective ensures that the key elements of your plan are put in place:

- Specific action items and timelines
– Objectives and key performance measurements
– Ownership & responsibility for key initiatives
– Resources to be attributed to each initiative