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Management Essentials

Good strategy requires good execution. We provide selective training to help your managers with specific issues such as change management, communications and motivation.

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Strategic Planning

Prepare your team to develop a winning strategy with training on the planning process, building a competitive business model, creating an inspiring Mission statement as well as tools and methods for an effective strategic analysis of your business!

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There are known methods to help business people think outside the box. At StratPerspective we provide training to give you practical tools and exercises for stimulating creativity in your meetings.

Overview of our management training

Strategic Planning Process

Key Planning Activities

Learn the steps to develop a winning strategy and how to integrate them into your current business processes.


Strategic Thinking Tools & Methods

Introduction to strategic thinking with a review of key models and tools for planning & creativity.

Designing a
Business Model

Competitive Advantage

Enhance your positioning through an improved understanding of business model design.

Mission Vision

Align efforts

Learn the role of directional statements in strategy and how to develop an effective Mission, Vision & Values.


Creativity Workshops

Learn simple techniques to help your team think ‘outside of the box’ and generate new ideas during brainstorming sessions.

Management Essentials

Execute Your Plan

We offer workshops on key management elements to improve the execution of your strategic plan.

Communication Styles


Explore the 4 communication styles to enhance the effectiveness and cohesion of your team.

Change Management


Understand the main sources of resistance to change and approaches to overcome it.

We remember 20% of what we hear.


We remember 50 % of what we see and hear.


We remember 70 % of what we discuss with others.


We remember 80 % of our personal experiences.

Source: Edgar Dale (1900 – 1985) professeur et chercheur en éducation à l’Université d’Ohio State.

Key Benefits of our Training

Practical and Participative Approach
Approximately 50% of class time is dedicated to workshops & discussions
Techniques to Enhance Creative Thinking
All our courses help you think ‘outside of the box’
New Ideas
You will return to the office with new ideas and perspectives.
Sandra Coffey offers a blend of training and management experience

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Innovation & Experience
Your Training Partner

Sandra Coffey, LL.B., MBA
President, StratPerspective

  • A strong believer in an applied and participative approach to training
  • Draws on examples from her thirty years of management experience
  • Develops and customizes courses for her clients
  • Provides significant depth and understanding of management concepts
  • Has a talent to make concepts accessible and easily understood